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This should not be an issue -- but just in case anyone is unsure of anything, read these rules anyway.

• Be courteous to everyone. Flamers/trolls will have their comments deleted and will be promptly ignored.
• If you see someone acting like a jerk, don't try to be a hero. All authors are given the option to delete comments. Delete it and be done with the matter. However, don't abuse this privilege, unnecessarily deleted comments can result in a warning or a ban.
• Do not insult artwork. Critique is fine, but blatant insulting will result in a warning or a ban.
• No duplicates of any Pokemon please, we don't want 12 Eevees, now do we?


Fill in this template after you have read the bottom section and submit your entry to the admin Surreal. She will decide if you're to be let in (don't worry, she doesn't bite ;D), just keep in mind because of the rather low author cap we want to see quality. So long as you've put some effort into it, you should be fine. ;D

(Include a completed reference picture - if it's not coloured please indicate the colour scheme)
(You're not allowed legendaries - sorry - they have another purpose in this collab~)
Personality & History: (write at least 200 words, please, and use complete sentences)
Moves: (Pick three attacks your pokemon would learn by leveling up or via breeding- no TMs/MHs )
Anything Else: Sexual orientation, a secret passion... Anything you like.

(we want to know you too ;D)
Preferred name: This could be your username, real name or some random nickname. Just tell us what to call you~
How long are you online? As in, how much time can you commit to this collab, we don’t want it to be inactive!
Why do you want to join? …Yeah, we’re curious.

Crucial Information

This collab is set on an uncharted island in the middle of a warm sea. The weather is moody, storms appearing and disappearing frequently, however for the most part it has a rather tropical climate. At the heart of the island is a volcano, and to the north of it a series of large rocky hills, with the occasional cave woven in. Surrounding those locations are thick forest areas, with a scattered clearing here and there. Outlining the entire island is the beach. And caverns are said to be located under the sea.
As proof that you've read the everything on this page please title your application (PM) "Hey you!"